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The Nebulosity launches their debut album " C " [2015]

Music CD Album cover gig for their debut album. They are a very sincere, passionate, friendly, modest n talented bunch, i had the honour of knowing from my life in Dundee (Scotland) !!

Please do check them out :
The Nebulosity

Album name : " C " [Soundcloud] [Spotify] [Youtube]

A little sound clip of my voice speaking Hindi is also in this album in one of the songs !! do try to find it.
Please Do hit like and/or follow them, they deserve more support for what they do !

Winning Entry for Character of the week #378 [2015]

Made this painting in photoshop , 4-6 hours roughly for the IDW 276; a weekly concept art challenge on forums , where IDW stands for industrial design of the week the Poll for the contest was never opened , due to insufficient participation, while I see it as the perfect opportunity to contribute towards imagining , predicting and conjuring up the future that will manifest our own realities !!!
#sci-fi concept art = ideas for future tech

'Astounding Futures: Starships ! Vol. 1' published by Paizo Inc. , Produced by Warlok productions pvt. ltd.

Promotional illustration & T-shirt project completed for [2013]

Book cover illustration , 10 starship concepts , as well as some inlay theme artwork for the book . The 10 starship concepts were created using z-brush and photoshop. You can check out the book Here ! Produced by Warlok Productions & published by Paizo inc.

Winning Contest Entry for I.D.W. # 218 // crossover with E.O.W. # 198 Challenges hosted on [2012]

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Contest description :
Deep within a forest, outside of the Tussnech kingdom, there is an apothecary who travels to and fro, selling his goods. He has everything from elixirs and medicinal herbs to fake limbs and bandages. The mystery about him is that he only shows up before something terrible happens. Whether its a sickness or a war, he has something for any situation, but a limited supply. Some say danger is his shadow and if you see him, you better buy what he has or leave the kingdom.

Contest Requirements :
-Can be male or female.
- Must be human
- Appears to be around 70 years old
- Has a pack full of his goods

Works in Progress Contest Thread

' Nature Knights' Promotional Character Concepts for Chitra Herbals [2016]

Ios & Ipad Game ' Rooftop Skater Dude ' Published April 2015

Skate across dangerous city rooftops and avoid obstacles blocking your path in this super addictive endless skateboarding adventure.

Perform epic tricks as you leap from rooftop to rooftop but don't fall between the gaps in the's a long way down!

* Avoid obstacles such as dogs, police, birds and even an angry giant bear!
* Endless arcade skating action.
* Collect coins and unlock powerful upgrades.

'Ludo Live : Heroes & Strategy'
Developed by Hashstash Studios Pvt. Ltd. ,

Published by Octro inc. 

" Ludo Live ! Heroes and Strategy " a 2D mobile board game variation of ludo / parcheesi that has characters instead of Pegs. An indian theme FTW , for a very interesting and engaging multiplayer gameplay.

Worked on most of the artwork for the game including UI , about 14 characters concepts & animations , concept iterations for the game skin/themes , cards , pre-visualisation of various animations , from scratch to promotional artworks for the playstore etc.etc.
Please show us some love , download and play it !!! 
Thanks to the team members , each of who made the development process so possible in the first place and so much fun !!

Space Crunch trailer video for Nikolatech pvt. ltd. (audio by Dr. Thought) ​[2014]

​an old screen captured video of the game(space crunch) in development . A lot more artwork and animations that i had finished was implement by the time i posted this up in here ! 
My responsibilities in the production of this game was to entirely manage all artwork and animations for the game as well as the UI. Worked upon the game part time for about 4-5 months for nikolatech pvt. ltd. a modest startup with some amazing potential ! Enjoyed working with them and their environment a lot ! 
Watch out for Space crunch for IOS ! 
can follow the game progress on :

Winning Contest Entry for IDW # 276 Topic : A.I. Companion [Feb 2015]

 'The SpacePort'-3D for project 'Hourglass' [2012]

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