Game Title : Space Crunch !
Developer studio : Nikolatech
Platform : IOS 

This 2D animation finalised the game look , design and concept idea. This is a 2D animation made in photoshop (and not in-game footage) , but explains well how to block a green meteor AND also be able to collect the resource the green meteor has to offer i.e. warp speed fuel for our mothership !

Made completely in photoshop. 

Created the entire game skin , background and assets. 

an augmented reality game
Had to finish within 48 hours deadline for the Glassgow global game jam.
as one of the two artists who created all the artwork in the game Demo.
Game developed under 48 hours using ARToolKit, FMOD, OpenGL and C++.
Our team took the 4th place and it was an awesome experience with only 3 hours of sleep !

Heres a timelapse screen-capture video of the starting half of speedpaint i made in photoshop for the Facebook group "dailyspitpaint" . The topic for the day was "The Flying Chair" ... wish i had recorded the second half too.
the music was aded later of course. 
This video speeds up the 16 minutes to fit into 4 mins 20 secs. Was trying out the screen recording process for the first time . created the final painting at 1920x1080 in 34 mins and can be found in the speedpaint gallery on the portfolio page

The Witch's hut : An isometric 2D game background/scene - creation process stopmotion video !!
Isometric 2D grid was provided , 81 blocks of interiors were meant to be created as game art !
This video does not go into showing details of the actual creation of each isometric 2D object individually... HOpe you enjoy the short 20 seconds
Made as a test piece for Big Viking games , Canada .

Tools used : Adobe Photoshop CC , Adobe Illustrator , Wacom Ninja , Windows 7

Did some storyboards and animatics for these short videos too. Most backgrounds took about half a working day (4 hours) and the storyboards took about 2 hours as the visual style was already given


Magic spangle studio ( made this explainer promotional video for , while i was employed by them .

My responsibilities : the storyboard , final production 2D characters and visual motif of the 2D explainer video

Tools : Adobe Photoshop CC , Wacom Ninja , Windows 7 , Pixologic Zbrush , Autodesk Maya

everal 2D cartoon videos for kids based on the babyloonz character themes .

Here are 3 of the several cartoon animation videos that were made during my employment there. My responsibilities in these videos include Various 2D vector backgrounds and some storyboards for a few made using photoshop cc , windows 7 and Wacom ninja .

The technical obstacles to overcome were many as time provided to finish the entire 42 min. documentary was less than 2 weeks !! I had no idea I could do this , but being part of magic spangle studio made it easier than I imagined !

Tools used : Adobe Photoshop CC , Adobe Illustrator , Wacom Ninja , Windows 7Regenerative cellular therapy

I also had to ensure that the entire team of animators would understand these panels and be able to implement the intended visual communication after the storyboard was approved. Overlooking the whole production process and the final output to be as close to the storyboard as possible .

Protein and peptide therapeutics
roughly 42 min. explainer video/documentary explaining protein and peptide therapeutics in depth through visual aid , iconography , typography and motion graphics .

Responsibilities included researching and understanding the topic in depth firstly , then creating a panel by panel storyboard for the provided script/voice-over . Thankfully I have been a science student mostly and it was not so hard to get to grips with biology again after a gap of a few years . explainer video by magic spangle studio

Various 2d cartoon animation videos by magic spangle studios

My involvement in the whole process of creating each video was more towards the beginning for storyboarding and to create the final animation art assets , while communicating with the animators to create animations as close to the storyboards and concept as possible. Each such video was created in about 2-3 working days , including final animation and rendering time. Was an amazing experience being part of this solid team !
Tools used : Photoshop cc , Wacom ninja, windows 7 , adobe illustrator, adobe after effects for animations

My Responsibilities in this project : writing scripts, ideation and storyboarding , animation and art style , creating final production art for animation including characters and backgrounds. 

​Client : Liquor license florida 
Here are 3 of the videos from a series of Short , under 1 minute explainer-videos for the services provided by LLF in each county of Florida. Video created by Magic spangle studio
​( .
This project was a fun project from my point of view as i got to create various different cartoon characters and explored cartoon drawing styles under expert supervision at Magic Spangle.


Music lyrics Video made by magic spangle studio for Artist/Rapper/Musician Mark Steele. The song is called "How to Act" . I painted each and every single one of these illustrations in the video on Adobe Photoshop CC at 1920x1080. I think there are about 19 images . Made about 3-5 paintings each work day on a tight deadline. Created the storyboard for this video as well , with a description that was provided . Came up with the ideas for each illustration and got them approved before creating the final in-video illustrations . Added some of those intentional glitches n effects too !

Series of promotional/explainer videos for Liquor license florida

Regenerative cellular therapy : protein & peptide therapeutics

MUSIC VIDEO : MARK STEELE - " How to act " by magic spangle studio

Swing : explainer video by magic spangle studios


Product : Swing , a wrist band that helps improve your technique to swing golf clubs and improve even while off the golf course . Short HD explainer Video to describe the product’s use etc.
My Responsibilities in the project : creating the storyboard & the final animation-ready characters and backgrounds.  
I think the expert team at magic spangle created this entire video in less than 2 working days as the deadline was really tight . The team showed crazy potential and used humor in the video well . I thought the product delivered to the client was really good compared to the timeline we were given.
Tools used : Adobe Photoshop CC , Adobe Illustrator , Wacom Ninja , Windows 7

 The witch's hut: isometric 2d BG progress stop-motion animation 

Noah's ark : Augmented reality game made for the glassgow gamejam in 48 hours 

Space-crunch : 2D mobile game Concept tutorial 

photoshop digital painting process recording clip