Some of the work displayed on this page was made within 30 minutes.
Daily spitpaint is a facebook group where artists pick from 4 topics and try to come up with polished ideas within half an hour. No 3D, no photos, only digital painting.

About Daily Spitpaint:

"Spitpainting" is supposed to be a hard exercise. It's to train you to generate ideas fast, paint fast, and get out of your comfort zone. You are supposed to fail. There is no "finish", you're done when the timer beeps. Think of it as a thumbnail. If you want the Real Daily Spitpaint challenge, take a random topic and start the timer immediately, so you don't have any extra time to brainstorm. You can also add other challenges like "round brush only", "no opacity control", "start with a bright pink background and leave it showing through", "lasso and gradient tools only", "paint with your right foot/tail", etc. 

Do check out the facebook group linked below