Environment concept art and illustration gallery

This gallery showcases fictional, alien and fantasy worlds as illustrations, scenes & environment concept art.

Sometimes they tell a story and convey a mood , and other times they are just exploring fictional landscapes in the mind.

Other skills exhibited here are environment thumbnail sketching , 2D game background art , 3D low poly game environment art , environment & landscape life studies as well as full interior & exterior environment illustrations/scenes.

These environments mostly lie in the genres of reality based , Fantasy & science fiction.

The gallery shows a range of styles such as comic style , digitally painted or a mix of photo bashing / matte painting techniques in a semi realistic or comic art style. some of them are created using 3D base renders as a starting point ! Software used Maya, 3ds max, google sketchup, Z-brush, & Photoshop. Hope you enjoy getting immersed in these spaces !