A Gallery of 2d game asset, characters, environments, props, sprites, sprite sheets for animations, isometric , vector , user interface artwork .

Some 2D titles i have made artwork for : " ludo live : heroes & strategy " for android published by Octro inc. , " Rooftop Skater Dude " for ipad / ios by magic spangle pvt. ltd., " evolutionary Anatomy " , " wild divine " & " Laser Maze " for game gurus .

This included tasks such as character concepts, designing environments, designing props such as swords , skateboards etc.

Sprite sheets are needed to keep the game footprint small(size wise).

They help reduce memory consumption, speed up the drawing process and keep the game frame rate high.

Vector art is made utliizing mathematical gradients, so you can zoom in without any pixelation, as compared to raster graphics(that pixelate when you zoom in).This makes it ideal for printing.